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Hairun Food Co Ltd

About Us

Hairun founded in 2012. We focused on high quality food distribution in Hong Kong. 

海潤食品有限公司成立於2012年8月, 專營優質食品批發供應。


From 2014, we becomes the distributor of W.H. group and Smithfield.

We bring "Smithfield","Eckrich","Berlinki","Healthy Ones" and "Curly" to Hong Kong market,

which currently selling by major supermarket.

於2014年8月份開始, 我們正式成為美國知名肉製品公司 “Smithfield”及旗下品牌 “Berlinki” , “Eckrich”, “Healthy Ones”, ,“Curly’s”, 的代理商。產品銷售至本港各大超市。

In addition, we have also cooperated with supermarkets to launch the "Easycook" brand, which includes dumplings, fried dumplings and xiao long bao. This brand has been well accepted by Hong Kong people.


Champluck are also our own brand. Apart from the roasted peanut, we have providing 6 new flavor peanuts.  


We're here to provide more high quality food products for Hong Kong customers.

我們會繼續引入迎合香港市場的產品, 為消費者提供多優質食品。

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